We live films  (+ H2o + Pizza). Hence, here we are with Boom Man Studios, a boutique production home specialising in digital films, not-the-boredom arousing corporate films, & TVCs. A fully equipped team of creative, business-minded, market strategic homosapiens.

Cracking EUREKA Concepts

It’s not just about picking any script & filming it, what matters is a novel film idea! Novelty is as rare as E=mc2.  Dynamic brainstormings (be it skipping a bath or two!), research, multiple ideas go into produce the perfect script draft to suit your audiences, the market & help you trend.

Filming & Post Production

Our team is a planet in itself. Technicians who read BBC, DOPs who have worked with fortune brands & yet don’t have enough facial hair, directors who enhance the script like a wiz, post-production geeks who edit the film in the most artistic ways.


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